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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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billable. >> correct. >> what confuses me their coded an n which i seem u assume is the operating positions. other places like this they've been classified as the o m which is the off budget >> we'll go back and revisit that we might have used the wrong coding. its work is all project related >> all those positions so far as i know are off budget. >> even the 5. >> the off 5 are part of the infrastructure not part of the water water and power enterprise. >> okay. good. thank you
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>> thank you, mr. cruise. >> thank you now we have to go through the external affairs and the chair requested any public comment? after that >> there are no speaker cards. >> no speaker cards. >> dr. jack jackson do you have a comment on the infrastructure. because i'll take that comment >> dr. jackson. when you talk about infrastructure i was at a meeting at city planning two or three days ago and all of a sudden puc comes up about getting properties to bill.
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when we and nothing was mentioned about the infrastructure part of that was done at 18 hundred oakdale. my understanding in going to meeting is that sun born where they rode the plants and things at they haven't been able to do the job in the community. out of all the numbers i hear about jobs i want to know how many of those jobs have gone to zip code 92424. because most of the people that come into my community don't live there that they make decisions but don't live there.
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they don't know about the structure of the community. i want you all to be cautious, you know, about all the things you're not aware of what goes on, you know, into hunters point shipyard and we're another a dangerous level i hope you take into account we need your help to stop the madness in my community >> thank you, dr. francisco >> commissioners what we need to do is do an economic analysts of the bayview. we've been talking about a lot of on the capital investment and a everything but even as we're talking so many years the democrat graphics of the bayview
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has changed dramatically. you all would be shocked to know that at one n time in the city 24 percent were blacks. now down to 4 percent. and i'm saying this economic analysis should deal with the contribution of those blacks who came from the south and contributed like in the shipyard or whatever. we had contractor like listening arrest they want to call it a shipyard. the land for flooding is now prime waterfront property and we know at mission bay you could live there but you have to sign waivers and if you know anything
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about planning many waivers will have to be signed and it the infrastructure will have to be built for flooding. we're not getting those reports so there again, our university students should come and give their input, you know, the heads of the departments whether lean water and power and infrastructure their giving you only the budget report but i commissioner should learner to look outside the box >> thank you francisco. for the information for the public in attendance i have no speaker cards. we'll have the final portion of the external affairs >> hello, again administrator for the external fairs.
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as you know it's similar to the infrastructure we're one 0 of the 3 support bureaus amelia was giving me a hard time the contrast is like night and day we're both support bureaus it's to provide high quality support so we're in service to the coordination of the puc. then we're also responsible for having the priority at the local state and a federal level. it's informing the 24/70 on the operation services happening in our team. we've been charged with the environmental justice policy adapted in 2009 and 11 and we're
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responsible for the monitoring the agencies work in the substantial planning. here's a quick organizational chart how we're structured in external affairs we can make a change in the head. then there's legislative affairs. so today, i'm going to quickly walk you through our major accomplishments as well as talk about our other issues. the result has been a significant increase in the wastewater and power commission. we see every constituent request based on the operations we provide whether it's constituent requests or folks who get brought to us by the customer
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service we look for ways to educate the people around the agency issues. a few highlights we're going to look at we've helped to castle e educate people on hetch hetchy. many of you who have participated take folks from san francisco all the way up to the hetch hetchy reservoir so neighborhood and contingent leaders in san francisco many of whom have not seen the breath of the system can get the exercise. those tours are extremely successful and people are ready to talk to their neighborhoods about san francisco's great tap water. we've taken 5 thousand people on tour at the golden gate so we partner with the school district
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to showcase the features of the buildings for the kid. those are important asia we educate people on the possible drought and the need for additional water preservation. last year, we have our education around the sewer program and we've had people engaged in our water efforts we've constructed a survey on green infrastructure to better understand what resonates with the resident as we think about the san francisco watershed. many of the awareness campaign your number two is now number one their castle and educating residents. we've had different opinions their provacative adds but we really i think all of us who
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collectively agree they're getting educated. last week in washington, d.c. we talked about the sewer campaign and our representative heard about this and that's an interesting feedback. we're increasing our social media on twitter and facebook using this tool to educate residents that don't typically engage with the puc. we've represented the regulatory at the local state and a federal level. we've passed about 50 items at the board of supervisors. at the state level we are pro-active in having an our priorities as well as advocating
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interests. lecturer we advocated working closely with s f p u d for proposition 39 which resulted in an altered two or $3 million and energy efficient dollars. at the federal level we've been working with the mayor's office to talk about infrastructure. last week our general manager and mayor ed lee presented those to the committee. last friday you may have seen a clip-on mayor ed lee on n s nbc and when they asked what he was going to ask president obama to get into priority tiger's water. we're extremely excited.
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and now the implementation at the water program. we are he w we have a total of 31 water stations and half of those are installed at the city hall's. it was a terrific opportunity for young people to get the explore for what the puc does and how to reach out to young folks. and the 6 hundred and 40 member is the context of the mayors commitment to hire 6 thousand young people over the summer so we partnered with the mayor's office. we're in the agricultural pilot program that's scheduled to open next fall this is the first of the seats that's looking at the
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second try sects on the puc property that can be used for secondary use. there's one in the fall we're working with supervisor avalos office. we have 19 professional service contract and overload million dollars of discolors over the next 5 to seven years with private firms. those are resources we wouldn't have been agriculture to leverage. during this morning we completed the first phase of the facility so the renovated wing if you haven't had a chance there's a kickoff tomorrow. the staff person mentioned a beautiful about how far space we're excited about and excited
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we're able to achieve 57 percent local hire i hope you'll be able to come out at 5:30. we'll be able to have 5 years of data across the agency the bank of data allows the staff to track trend and forecasts on the sustainability issues and the data is being used by cities controller's office. moving forward so this slid the purpose really is to outline some of the priorities in the next 2 years. so moving forward we'll support of the core operations the proposed budget is a flat with a
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modest amount of increases. the stenographic planning work will be housed in external affairs and this will be in partnership with the general manager office and a sustainable planning win our team. we'll have attention towards the new committee i met some of the new members today. and that work with the southeast facility commission is fully underway. your general manager will be presenting at the commission on february 13th to give an update on a variety of issues we've been working with the executive director and the increased attention in our minds hoping help us as we meet on a variety of improvement programs.
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the other area that we're requesting additional resources is the support the investment of a water water across the country to evaluating vat the infrastructure at a national level. it's been spearheaded by our general manager in partnership with the general manager of the utensil in washington, d.c. so this is work we embarked on that our general manager gave you an update in october we are going bringing information to lift up and have a common message around the need for water and a wastewater in washington, d.c. finally, has we look at continuing to implementing the benefit we're requesting a new partnership a immigration
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initiative. they asked us to help with diverse community on reversing african-american out migration. as you heard in the comment around the decreasing numbers of african-american in san francisco this has been a priority for the mayor's office and he's asked us to partner with him especially in bayview hunters point. they represent a $800,000 increase this is automatic adjustments. there's no additional f y 15 and 16 and no new position requests. and with that, i'm happy to answer any questions >> commissioner caen.
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>> i have a question actually, it's not in the handout but if the original data. it's slow down 11 under fleet management and operations. >> i know that's not bay weak but it's my understanding it's going to be present. >> it's a two part. >> this is just an internal affairs. >> okay. i'll wait. >> commissioner vietor. >> so i was really pleased this increase in strategic engagement with the rate increases it's important to keep our eye on that. i'm already hearing the buzz of people's rate going up so it's
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important to get the engagement piece; right? of how we're going to talk to people and tell them why interest it's harder than the water improvement to talk about water under the ground and streets being torn up. i want to talk about that that engagement is going to be important moving forward >> thank you julia and a lowest for the sake of time i'm going to go through business services at a fairly good clip and then covering the go managers budget for the 10 year financial plan
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summary to be provided. okay so i have a if you slides to go through each of the departments todd with the staff. i have a team of amazing rock stars that are 3 hundred and thirty people and i have all my division chiefs here. the total budget is around $60 million and you see that in your packet on slide two. i have a couple of additional proposed budget changes for your
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declaration and they're related to the disaster preparedness for the deprivation off our data centers. so let me going go into the accomplishment. customer services if i could ask marge to stand and my agent colleague. she runs our operations center and marrying had to run to an appointment. those group of folks talk it over 9 hundred and 79 thousand poem they receive about one hundred and 38 thousand calls and many of them are personal calls that relate to $100,000 plus. they've got better than
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benchmark standards their voumz e volumes for billing has doubled and their successfully having the automated meter readers we manually read 11 thousand meters a year plus. the key initiatives this team is working on by may and early summer all our customers will be able to log online to get their water usage and pay their bills. no additional staff requested even though the work flows are increasing and the billings have doubt and the online expansion. so one hundred and 89 people are
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authorized we fund one hundred and have in the budget and those teams have been specifically doing a great deal on cross trin and preparedness. we'll hear our projected turnovers at the puc we have a lot of folks that are likely going to be retiring over the next 5 to 10 years or having contributions and other promotional opportunity. this team is really some of the leaders in that cross fundamental multiple skilled team. the financial services department is run by our deputy cfo france lee and another gentleman please stand. all the bond documents have role ordinary by those two. the highlights on 8 and 9 the
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excellence awards 4 years of reporting the excellence awards and another year 5 years of clean audits and no deficiencies known by the external auditors those benchmarks double the accounting transition we're not asking for any many staff. with the models bill it is doubling and we've tried to work smarter and the teams are doing a very good job and we understand that a flat budget is deserved. that being said we're now spending anywhere between 10 and $30 million a week in out flows to the capital project. it takes a lot of work.
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we can keep up with that now but folks are doing well, but they're very high on the transaction volume. the summary for this department is 6 of authorize positions about $10 million a year and 58 are funded. fleet management reports to mr. parallel the deputy cfo and we've seen a 14 increase in usage trips. we are move forward to automated check out of cars and we're able to identify for safety and concert where our vehicles are through gps that's a great asset especially from the rim fire when we had vehicles in that
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fire we knew where our cars were. we implemented a daily foul scorecard so if the earthquake for example, we'll know where our foul supplies are and how many days we'll have available for our generators if we noted them. those are key things that have happened in fleet. the assurance control depth run by nancy that's the thick report you see every quarter we have in our audited transparent reports in our family we currently have or plan to have 52 audits in review of everything you can imagine. nancy runs that and anyway's that everything is and the and mitigation is put into place.
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i know you've appreciated that over the last several quarters. 32 total audits have been completed & a total of not 20 are being planned and no new funding requested. the records management function headed up by leslie fishing. we're likely the last generation to have paper files. leslie and others have implemented a wide records management and workflow digtion process we're rolled that out and any training authorizations now happen electronically and paper didn't get created in the first place. each department will be able to use this for their process manual and their procedural manuals and what is searchable
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for any could he word so the manager or myself who will be able to find things. 7 did not have already migrated to this in the puc and we're collaboratively with the city attorney's office to make sure their inventory rid and kept in the content. leslie is not asking for new positions. there's many funding requests about $300,000 for the digtion process and so we can adhere e hover some student interims. the informational department is headed by kevin. this is a busy group. whether the system that runs a
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large part of water or power or the wastewater team this is all the electronic plumbing cross the sf puc they diesel with over one hundred and 40 applications just to keep our utility running efficiently. policies are in placed and protections so far as critical data security and i want to thank you four previously funding that. they're the folks that bring us the web port all i mentioned earlier. this group has been active with the wee subpoena upgrades on page 18. to give you this prospective this group of 75 people are supporting over one hundred and 28 contractors. we've grown with 44 new
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application systems over the 4 years with a relatively flat budget. you can see we're currently funded at the 2.8 percent of the operating budget and that's slightly below the industry benchmark of 4.7 i'm asking for a one-time funding for our disaster operations. it's to help us to bring up the datacenter and capacity and backs up in the event of a major earthquake or disturbance. the contingent of operation is role to bring additional support for the growth and demand as we've gone from less than a one hur


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